Resume Format and Guides

Resume Format and Guides

Building a top-notch resume demands more than just error-free grammar and spelling. A resume must be shaped and arranged properly to introduce you in the best possible way, a process that requires merging creativity, composition, and marketing.

Thus, we have written this resume format guide to be a wide-ranging resource to those looking to format their own resumes. We offer resume writing tips, sample images, and expert advice covering every resume format for your convenience.

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How to Select Best Resume Format?

Basically, there are three types of resume formats that industry demands- Chronological, Functional, Combination. The Chronological format is best suited for all type of candidates viz. Student/Fresher, Mid-level, or Executive/ Specialist Combination format can be used either by mid-level or executive people while the Functional format is best suitable for executive type people only.

How to Format a Resume?

As mentioned above, there are mainly three choices available for job seekers when it comes to formatting their resume- Chronological, Function, and Combination. Each resume format has its own set of benefits and drawbacks for different types of job seekers. Hence be sure to choose wisely.

Quick Resume Formatting Tips

1. Chronological Resume

The name itself suggests everything about this type of resume. It represents your work experience from most relevant (newest) to least relevant (oldest). Thus you should start with detailing most recent job and end with oldest work experience. You should use Chronological resume format if- • You want to demonstrate a vertical career progression • You do not have large experience gap • You want to apply for job in the same field You should not use this format if you have multiple gaps in work history or you frequently change jobs.

2. Functional Resume

In this type of format, a candidate should highlight his/her skills that they believe are most relevant to a particular job profile. Contrasting Chronological format, Functional resume pass over when and where candidates performed or learned those skills. You can list the skills at the top of resume in order of most relevant to least relevant skills. By using Functional Resume format- • You provide evidence that you are strong candidate for the particular job • You can make big career change in industry • You promote specific skill set for potential employment

3. Combination Resume

Well, Combination resume is a mixture of Chronological and Functional resume formats. This means you can often start building a resume with a summary of qualification while you can also mention work experience, skill set, and other sections in it. You can use Combinational Resume if- • You want to showcase a relevant and well-developed skill set • You are an expert at what you do • You want to change your domain

If you still have any question regarding with our resume formats, feel free to contact us. Our senior resume expert will help you to solve each and every doubt you have in your mind. Be sure to download our Resume Checklist to confirm that you have created a professional and complete resume

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